Gita in isola uros e taquile (giornata intera)


  • Entrance tickets to Lake Titicaca National Park and Taquile Island
  • Transportation to and from your hotel
  • Bilingual guide
  • Trip to islands in motorboat with bathroom
  • Optional trip in reed boat (for an additional cost)
  • Lunch on Taquile Island


Leave: 6:45 a.m.
Return: 5:30 p.m.
Time for sightseeing: approximately 10 hours
Availability: daily

At 6:45 a.m., after picking you up from your hotel, we’ll go to the harbor of Puno on Lake Titicaca. From there, after a 25-minute boat ride, we’ll arrive at the floating islands of the Ouros people, where we’ll enjoy a guided tour lasting an hour and a half. We’ll then continue on in the same tour boat until we arrive at the island of Taquile, a living museum inhabited by weavers whose handicrafts have been acclaimed as masterpieces by UNESCO’s World Heritage program. Upon our arrival, the Quechua people of Taquile will welcome us with a reception, demonstration, and opportunity to participate in their traditional dances and textile-making activities. We’ll then have lunch in a local restaurant and walk down the other side of the island (the famous 530 steps of Taquile). In the afternoon, we’ll return in the same boat to Puno, where you’ll be dropped off at your hotel.